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Civil and Structural

Project : Akşehir Feed and Food Industry Grain Silos and Buildings
Client : Akyem Co.
Country : Turkey
Project Period : 2001

Main factory building constructed at 1971 and 2x20000 grain silos constructed at 1979 have been damaged during the earthquake 15/December/2000 magnitude 5.8. Since there are no shear walls, the factory building has been damaged due to excessive deformation during the earthquake. Excessive deformations during the earthquake caused column-girder connections to be deformed. Some plastic hinges and shear cracks started. The building has been retrofitted by adding continuous vertical shear walls. Rectangular grain silos with a basement floor for conveyors have been seriously damaged. The poor concrete quality and insufficient stirrup spacing are responsible for the damage. Just one year after the retrofitting works, the structure survived well at another earthquake with a magnitude 6.

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