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Civil and Structural

Project : Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of of Tunnels and Viaducts of Anatolian Motorway Çamlıca Gümüşova Section and Motorway Connection Roads
Client : State Highway Department, 17 th Division –İstanbul
Country : Turkey
Project Period : 2004

There are 44 Viaduct along TEM Motorway with height less than 50 m. in scope of this project, the present status and seismic evaluation of each viaduct has been determined and then, the retrofit projects have been prepared. Total surface area of these viaducts is around 105,000 sqm. All viaducts have been analysed by elastic analysis methods acc. To AASHTO and by inelastic analysis methods (pushover and time history) according to Caltran and ATC-40. All design checks have been made and the retrofit projects have been prepared for the viaducts in need.

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