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Civil and Structural

Project : Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Viaducts, Overpasses and Underpasses of TEM Motorway, Gümüşova – Adapazarı Section after Marmara Earthquake 17/08/1999.
Client : State Highway Department 1st. Division –İstanbul
Country : İstanbul - Turkey
Project Period : 2000-2001

Seismic evaluation and retrofit of almost 60 structures including viaducts, overpasses and underpasses. The structures had earthquake damage at different levels. Damages can be classified as major pier cracks, elastomeric bearing deformations, seismic block failures, approach fill settlements and expansion joint ruptures. Repair methods varies from simple superstructure jacking for bearing replacement to special applications like CRFP (Carbon Fibre Reinforcment Plates) strenghtening.

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