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In all phases of design work, bir commits itself toprovide the most beneficial and practical construction techniques to itscustomers right at the scheduled calender in accordance with the current healthand safety regulations.

bir pays full attention to its servicesby being aware of the small errors in design phase are costly mistakes to becorrected at construction site.

Due to continuous energy consumption and life safety, hvacand fire fighting systems have a significant impact on the value of a building.

bir design reliable, comfortable, controllable, easilymaintained mechanical systems for the benefit of building users, operators andinvestors.

bir intended to design mechanicalsystems that not only function well, but also minimize the environmental impactof buildings. 

Mechanical equipments, systems shall be designed and selectedto achieve the required design objectives with the following primeconsiderations in mind: 

  • Economical design 
  • High efficiency 
  • Reliability 
  • Ease ofmaintenance 
  • Energyconservation 

Our Experience Covers;

  • Heating Infrastructure
  • Building Systems (HVAC, Fire and Plumbing) 
  • Water Transmission and Pump Rooms

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