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Mechanical Reference List

Bagram Air Base,Admin Building-USACE, Afghanistan-2009
Southpark Infrastructure-NAMSA,Kandahar A/B, Afghanistan-2009
Kandahar Air Base, B705E Building- NAMSA, Afghanistan-2009
AVMF (Auto Vehicle Maintenance Facility, Afghanistan-2009
KAIA North PSR-150 Apron-NAMSA, Afghanistan-2009
Medical Treatment Facility, Kandahar-NAMSA, Afghanistan-2008
KAF Living Accomodations,Kandahar-NAMSA, Afghanistan-2008
KAIA North Superstructure, HQ Main Building-NAMSA, Afghanistan-2008
KAIA North Superstructure, Hardened Accomodations-NAMSA, Afghanistan-2008
KAIA North Superstructure-NAMSA, Afghanistan-2008
Backshops Aprons,Bagram-NAMSA, Afghanistan-2008
CSAR Helicopter Ramp Extension, Runway Overruns Polypanels for Arresting Cables-USACE,Iraq -2007-2008
Medevac Helicopter Compound- USACE, Iraq-2007-2008
Construction of ISAF Air Operating Surfaces Bagram Air Base -NAMSA, Afghanistan-2007
Construction of US CAS Ramp Extension Bagram Air Base- NAMSA ,Afghanistan-2007
Provision of General Earthworks, Force Protection Measures and Concrete Works ISAF Projects- NAMSA, Kabul Afghanistan-2007
Tikrit Air Base, Dining Facilities –USACE, Iraq-2006-2008
Construct Secure Reception Staging and Onward Integration Facility, RSOI Building-USACE, Balad, Iraq-2007
SOF C130 Apron, Balad Air Base-USACE, Iraq-2006-2007
ISR-IED Parking Apron and Taxiway J Construction Balad Air Base-USACE, Iraq -2006-2007
Temporary Cantonment Area Infrastucture Construction, Balad Air Base -USACE,Iraq-2006-2007
Expendititonary Fabric Hangar and Apron Construction, Balad Air Base-USACE, Iraq-2006-2007
Runway Repair, Balad Air Base, Iraq-USACE, Iraq-2006
Strategic Ramp, Balad Air Base, Iraq-USACE, Iraq-2006
Balad Air Base, Dry Storage Warehouse-USACE, Iraq -2005
Balad Air Base, Gym Buildings-USACE, Iraq -2004
Balad Air Base, New Headquartes Building-USACE, Iraq-2004





















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