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River Engineering

Project : Winter & Summer Tourism Complex Shahdag
Client : Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Culture and Tourism / DIA Holding
Country : Azerbaijan
Project Period : 2010-2011

The river engineering works in Shahdag Tourism Complex have been comprised all required structures and measures to stabilize the creeks, to retain the sediment and to prevent clogging of the culverts and the residual flow pipe. Special emphasis have been placed on high water charges including mud, stone and cobble transportation as well as sedimentation processes and erosion protection of natural banks. The Gondola Creek shall be stabilized with a pavement in concrete of the whole creekbed and the creek banks. Approximately 750 m of creekbed pavement has been constructed with cobbles on a coarse gravel layer. The spacing between the stones shall be filled with well compacted concrete. In order to prevent erosion of silt and other fine material a geotextile has been placed below the coarse gravel. The sediment basin is approximately 65 m long, approximately 20 m wide next to the basin entrance structure and approximately 65 m wide next to the outlet structure. The sediment retention basin shall have an approximate solid sediment capacity of 10000 m³. In order to achieve the retention volume the original terrain has been landscaped accordingly. Slope stability of the embankments (R.C retaining walls and masonary gravity walls) have been designed.

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