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Project : Baysh Dam
Client : Saudi Ministry of Water & Electricity / YUKSEL Co.
Country : Saudi Arabia
Project Period : 2004

We have undertaken implementation of detail designing work of Baysh Dam.The scope of the project is to build concrete gravity Dam. Baysh Dam is located in Baysh Valley, which has a road distance of 113 km, to the City of Jizan, Saudi Arabia. The purpose of the dam is flood control and supply of water to downstream farmlands for irrigation. The dam is of concrete gravity type. Volume of concrete is 670,000 m³, its height from foundation is 106 m, crest length is 340 m, and total storage capacity is 192 million m³, Uncontrolled overflow ogee type spillway of 8,200 m³/sn, capacity and 4 units of bottom outlets take place on the main dam body.Catchment area: 4600 km2Mean Annual Flow: 74.48 MCMMaximum Storage Volume: 192.75 MCMWadi Bed Elevation: 265 m.a.s.l.Foundation Elevation: 233 m.a.s.l.Dam Type: Concrete GravityVolume of Concrete: 670 000 m3Dam Crest Length: 340 m.Height Above Foundation: 106 m.Spillway Crest Length: 112.0 m Number of Bottom Outlets: 4

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