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River Engineering

Project : Bagram Airbase Drainage Project
Country : Bagram / AFGHANISTAN
Project Period : 2009-2010

Coyote Creek project realized in Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan to improve the existing deformed and eroded retention basin and to avoid the frequent flood problems. An additional 10,000 m2 retention storage within the channel as a part of excavation has been constructed and this area has been used as a reservoir for flows greater than 25 year storm (e.g 100 year storm). This situation results in the realignment of the existing Coyote Creek Channel and improvement of the cross section of the existing channel to convey the runoff without flooding. The Coyote Creek Channel has also been designed to convey and reserve 50 cms storm water collected from 240 ha basin for a 100 year storm. Another design activity of this project is the construction of a 150 meter long, 2200mm diameter auger tunnel beneath an active ramp to improve the discharge capacity of the Coyote Creek.

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