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Bridges and Roads

Project : Dubai International Airport Roads, Phase II, Expansions Beirut Road / Al Nahda Junction / Al Nahda Bridge
Client : Dubai Road and Transport Authority/Yüksel İnşaat Co.
Country : U.A.E Dubai
Project Period : 2007

The project is part of phase-II improvement of Dubai International Airport. It consists of constructing a bridge (along Beirut road) including improvement and reconstruction of Beirut and Al Nahda roads at grade intersection. Project also covers construction of roadway signs landscaping, street lighting, irrigation and drainage systems, relocation of utilities and tunnel safety related activities. Concrete bridge is 353.2 meter long, seven spans, with the midspan of 63.20 meters. Continiously post tensioned box girder having 29.3m width and 2.5m depth. 7.7m high piers constructed on 24.5 x 7m pile caps founded on 26 bored piles having 1m diameter.

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