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Bridges and Roads

Project : R 762/1 I & II Section Dubai Bypass Road Expansion Work, Al-Awir Interchange Bridge
Client : Dubai Road & Transport Authority /Yüksel İnşaat Co.
Country : Dubai
Project Period : 2007

The project of 24 km road to be realized in the eastern part of Dubai starts from the border of Sharja, which is the neighboring emirate in the north, and ends by intersecting with Dubai- Al-Ain Road in the south. Contract covers upgrading the existing two lane highway to four lanes in both directions, and arranging the infrastructure to allow increasing to six lanes in the future, and expanding the existing four underpasses, and construction of a new underpass, and relocation of existing street lighting, services and other superstructures. Al-Awir bridge, having 52+52m two spans with a total length of 104m with 42° skew angle. Section is post tensioned double trapazoidal with a height of 2.5m.

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