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Project : Winter & Summer Tourism Complex Shahdag
Client : Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Culture and Tourism / DIA Holding
Country : Azerbaijan
Project Period : 2010 – 2011

The goverment of Azerbaijan – Ministry of Culture and Tourism- is developing a Winter & Summer Tourism Resort in the Caucasian Mountains. Total planning area of resort is 2050 ha. A team of architectures and engineers of all disciplines has been providing design services. Architectural, civil, structural, geotechnical, electrical and mechanical designs of potable water, wastewater, storm water, heating & cooling, snowmaking infrastructure, road engineering, ski slopes, reservoirs of snowmaking, tunnels and bridges have been performed. Shahdag complex is situated in the province of Gusar, between an altitude of 1300 m to 3200 m and is at 2-3 hours driving distance from Baku.Final Resort capacity of 10000 visitors per day- including a hotel capacity of about 3090 rooms.

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