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Water and Environment

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•  Water Infrastructure

•  River Engineering

•  Wastewater Treatment and Disposal

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•  Sea Outfalls

The main objective of the bir Infrastructure and Environment Group to serve engineering, consultancy and supervision services for rehabilitation of existing projects or development of totally new projects in the following areas:

  • Potable water
  • Rain water
  • Sewerage
  • Water Reservoir Pump Station
  • Waste and Potable Water Treatment
  • Sea Outfalls
  • Enviromental Impact Assessments
Water Supply  
Potable water, the essential element of life, is not available in unlimited quantity and quality. To capture, treat, convey, store and distribute water is frequently an enormous undertaking. We work for water supply project planning and construction supervision, as well as helping to solve the problems facing clients in the field of water supply.
River Engineering  
We have experience in the design, planning and construction of river engineering projects. Multiple factors are considered prior to implementation, including environmental, physical, biological and human impacts. 
Our expertise includes the following: 
  • Hydrologic forecasting and risk assessment 
  • Preliminary planning with alternative sediment control measures
  • Flow and suspended sediment monitoring 
  • Site assessment and documentation 
  • Detailed design 
  • Construction supervision/inspection
Our staff is well versed in the latest computer software in the industry and has the capability to create new programs as needed for specialized jobs. Notable customers include the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and many others.





















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