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Project : Design and Construction of Eight wheat Silo Plants in Turkmenistan
Country : Turkmenistan
Project Period : 2012-2015

Wheat Silo Plants are planned to be constructed at 8 different locations in Turkmenistan.  6 plants have a total capacity of 50,000t (10 silo bins) and 2 of them have 30,000t (6 silo bins) total capacity. Each plant will be constructed on 5Ha area. Plants with 50,000t storage capacity have railway connections. Process units are composed of Silo Units, Elevator Tower (100t/hr), Dryer Unit, Cleaning & Weighing Unit, Wet Wheat Silo Bins,  Waste Silo Bins, Tip-up Platform, Conveyor systems, Truck & Train Loading – Unloading  Units, Truck & Train Weighbridges and Screed Processing structure. Non-process structures are Admin, Laboratory, Truck Scale, Security, Depot Buildings, Perimeter Walls, Pump Station, Waste water Tanks, Fire Water & Potable Water tanks, Shelters and paved areas.

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