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Project : Trans Anatolia Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) Project
Client : TANAP Co./ Treysan
Country : Turkey
Project Period : 2014-2015

“Trans Anatolia Natural Gas Pipeline” (TANAP) Project covers 1840km of 56” & 48” diameter onshore pipeline system, leading into offshore pipelines. Gas line will transport natural gas produced in Shah Deniz-2 field and other fields of Azerbaijan. The natural gas will be transmitted from the South Caucasus Pipeline at the Georgia border, through the Republic of Turkey, delivering gas to the domestic Botaş system and to the Greek border where it is connected with the Trans Adriatic Pipeline to transfer the gas on to Europe. 

The responsibility of BİR Engineering is general layout and all infrastructural design for four camps, namely Kars-Selim, Erzurum-Pasinler, Erzincan-Çadırkaya and Sivas-Hafik.  The design life of these camps has been considered as five (5) year.

The infrastructural design covers general layout plans, top soil removal plans, general grading and drainage of camp facilities, road plan, profile and cross sections, district heating lines, domestic hot and cold water lines, fire lines, sewer lines and electrical lines (power distribution, site lighting, low voltage distributions and etc.)  

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