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Transport and Structures

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bir has experience in the design of tunnels, bridges, viaducts and similar large scale facilities, including all other civil structures associated with transportation systems, regional and national basis.  

We are committed to design and construction supervision services in highway / railway transportation projects. Design services include route selection and analysis, comprehensive topographical, hydrological and geological investigations and studies.  
Apart from design services, bir also carries out seismic retrofiting and repairing for transportation structures. 
bir offers overall planning of airports combines the architecturally demanding and economically rigorous design of passenger terminals with the planning of airside areas and facilities as well as landside traffic development. Furthermore, we believe that we should take into account environmental effects.  
bir offers overall planning solutions for air traffic facilities embracing the following services:
  • Master planning
  • Passenger terminals
  • Operation-specific buildings
  • Technical building equipment 
  • Aircraft manoeuvring areas
  • Engineering structures
  • Landside traffic development
  • Project management
  • Environmental protection
We have experience in the design of complete road developments, from preliminary to final design, works supervision and maintenance concept for all kinds of roads (rural, regional, highways and toll motorways) for both new road and rehabilitation of existing roads.
bir delivers design services to clients in tunnelling design; geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical analysis, stress analysis and design of the final lining; monitoring of soil behaviour during and after construction; techniques of prestabilisation and support, assessment of excavation methods.
With expert teams, bir follows the national and international specifications to find the most economic and functional solutions in the transportation projects. In the design stages, all possible alternative routes and superstructure systems are investigated and assessed for comparison with the relevant cost-benefit analyses.





















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