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Ski Slopes

Project : Winter & Summer Tourism Complex Shahdag Ski Slopes
Client : DIA Holding
Country : Azerbaijan
Project Period : 2010-2011

The slopes (pistes) of the Tourism Complex of Shahdag has been graded and shaped in such a way that the impact on the existing vegetation is reduced to a minimum. The boundaries of the slopes have been surveyed and staked out, slope areas at which extensive slope modification works with heavy construction equipment will have to be performed. The complete slope surface is 47.6 ha and the total length of the slopes are 7.9 km. The pistes have been designed with 30% maximum and 6-7% minimum slope without any inclinaton change. Complete earthwork of the slopes is nearly 436.000 m3 cut and 515.000 m3 fill. The elevation difference between the begining and the end of the most inclined slope is 500 m.

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