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Geotechnical Engineering

Construction of every structure takes place under or on ground; therefore proper geotechnical investigation, analysis and design play a vital role in the civil engineering design. Geotechnical considerations, calculations and limitations affect the civil/structural design, safety and serviceability of the structure. bir ensures safe and economical geotechnical solutions by following the latest developments in the geotechnical engineering literature and utilizing the most comprehensive design methods. 

We have been providing the following geotechnical services: 
  • Deep Excavations 
  • Tunneling 
  • Shallow and Deep Foundations 
  • Soil Slope Stability 
  • Rock Slope Stability 
  • Retaining Walls 
  • Soil Improvement 
  • Off-shore Geotechnics 
  • Seismic Resistant Design 
  • Dewatering





















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