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About bir

bir is an engineering and consultancy company established in 1993 in Ankara, Turkey. bir performs multi-disciplinary engineering services both at home and abroad.

General layout planning, civil/architectural design, electrical and mechanical design, infrastructure, construction supervision and project management for buildings and facilities in the sectors of health, tourism, industry, research and development, office, housing etc. are within the scope of services of bir.

Our goal is to provide services by utilizing the latest developments in engineering, considering environment, safety and economy.

In all phases of design work, bir commits itself to provide the most beneficial and practical construction techniques to its customer's right at the scheduled calendar in accordance with the current health and safety regulations.

bir pays full attention to its services by being aware of the fact that the small errors in design phase are costly mistakes to be corrected at construction site.

We consistently deliver innovative technical solutions to our clients through a collaborative and open work style where we develop a strong appreciation of the project's requirements. Our technical knowledge and experience is supported by the project management capability that bir brings to major projects, incorporating sustainability and safety principles to meet client and community needs.





















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